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Berlin New Year's Eve Run

Sustainably costumed for the Berlin New Year's Eve Run 2023

Environmentally friendly costumes for the last run of the year

It's a recurring question every year: Which costume should I wear this year for the Berlin New Year's Eve run on Teufelsberg? But before you rush into online shopping, you should pause for a moment - after all, there are much more sustainable, environmentally friendly, creative and affordable options!

Dressing up is not a question of age SCC EVENTS/ Tilo Wiedensohler
Dressing up is not a question of age, as this agile participant in the 2022 Berlin New Year's Eve Run proved.  SCC EVENTS/TIlo Wiedensoler

Second-hand costumes for the costume run in Berlin

Of course, not everyone has the talent to print out a pattern and tailor it themselves, but that doesn't have to be the case. Often all it takes is a trip to the attic and a rummage through your own wardrobe or that of other family members. Because whatever you can find at Grandma's, Grandad's, your parents' or spouse's house might be perfect for a costume as a hippie, western hero, bank robber, vampire, Addams Family member, football star or zombie.

From striped shirts and tights to black or dirty clothes, the checked or Hawaiian shirt, the finisher shirt, out-of-fashion bridal and cocktail dresses, quirky glasses, funny hats, caps, gloves and ties - combined correctly, they make a first-class costume for zero euros that can be worn with a clear conscience. Most of the costumes on the market are neither high-quality nor fairly produced, are made of pure, sometimes even harmful plastic, are transported over long distances and often end up in the bin after being worn once.


A Christmas tree in Grunewald forest at the 2022 Berlin New Year's Eve Run, with the frog hot on its heels.  SCC EVENTS/Tilo Wiedensohler

Fun costume party and swap party with a run afterwards  

If you want to get a little creative, you can look around the household: A conventional rescue blanket can easily be turned into a golden glamour costume or aluminium foil can be used to make a Statue of Liberty costume. It is also original to transform each other into your partner or to portray your own 90-year-old self with your parents' clothes, accessories such as a walking stick and appropriate running shoes as well as the right make-up. If such ideas are not enough, you can browse through second-hand shops, which now often even have their own department with disguises, but in any case have a large selection of wacky clothes.

Flea markets, clothes swap bazaars, classified ad portals, clothes giveaway pages on social networks or costume sales from theatre, film and dance productions are also a veritable treasure trove of unique costumes. A costume search can also turn into a real party: Simply invite friends and family to a big costume swap party - everyone is sure to find something suitable and have fun together! Maybe you can go for a short run dressed up like this? Let's see what the neighbours have to say.

With old clothes in a new guise for the run on Berlin's Teufelsberg

A professional costume hire shop is just the right address for anyone who wants something sustainable and particularly high-quality or unusual. There are many wonderful costumes on the shelves here, which can be rented for a day for little money, then returned and reused again and again. But bear in mind that the Berlin New Year's Eve run is a wild and dirty affair and the borrowed items could be damaged.

By the way, if you have found old costumes in your own home that you definitely no longer need, please don't throw them in the bin, but either sell them on, give them away or take them to a second-hand shop. And if you want to go even further when it comes to sustainability, use confetti made from seeds, grains or rice paper, easy-to-make homemade make-up and 100% plastic-free glitter made from plant-based materials. Equipped like this, you can then head to the Berlin New Year's Eve run. Register now.

Were these two fairies responsible for the good New Year wishes at the 2022 Berlin New Year's Eve Run? SCC EVENTS/Tilo Wiedensohler