Berliner Silvesterlauf am 31. Dezember 2021

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Luca Saggiorato and Briggyte Mendez win with top times


Mass sprints brought the decision about the winner of the 32nd real,-
BERLIN-MARATHON for the inline skaters. The Italian Luca Saggiorato got to
the finish with a flimsy winning margin and in a world class time of 1:01:21
hours. In the women’s race Briggyte Mendez of Colombia won in 1:10:43 hours,
also a top time. These were the fastest winning times in Berlin since 2000.
Best German skater was Nico Wieduwilt (Gera) finishing 19th in 1:01:21 and
Michaela Neuling (Gera), finishing 16th in 1:10:44.

The real,- BERLIN-MARATHON with its 8.098 skaters once again confirmed its
position as the biggest skating marathon in the world. About 300,000
spectators watched the race at the 42.195 k long race through the city
centre of Berlin. Start and finish were close to the Brandenburg Gate.

„300,000 people made sure that along the course the atmosphere was wonderful
and that carried the skaters to the finish with really fast times,“ said a
happy Alexander Uphues, who is responsible for the inline skaters at
SCC-RUNNING, after the race.

The race developed to a thriller with beautiful weather conditions and
numerous break aways. But in this world class field nobody could break away
decisively from the leading group. So it came to a great mass sprint on the
last stretch, which ended with an Italian triple victory. It was the first
Italian victory at the real,- BERLIN-MARATHON of the inline skaters. Luca
Saggiorato finished in 61:21 and it was the third fastest time ever in
Berlin. Runner up was his countryman Francesco Zangarini, and third was
Massimiliano Presti. The first seven skaters finished with the same.

In the women’s race the group kept together until the finish. Briggyte
Mendez came through to win in 1:10:43 ahead of Brittany Bowe (USA) and Julie
Glass (USA). All three Skaters finished with the same time. “The real,-
BERLIN-MARATHON was very nice, but it was a hard fight on the long home
straight,” said Briggytte Mendez.

The real,- BERLIN-MARATHON also was the final event of the World-Inline-Cup
(WIC). But already before the race the two winners had been decided:
Massimiliano Presti and Laura Lardani (both Italy).

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